Ghost & Haunt Tours FAQ

GATLINBURG, TENNESSEE – (865) – 661-1980

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do when it rains?
First, rain here tends to occur during the heat of the day and by the time the tour starts it is typically over and if not, we typically see a few short showers that are not very intense.
We do the tour Rain or Shine with the very rare exception of bad lightning over head, If our guide feels it is dangerous, we could make the decision to cancel a tour but that is very rare.
On the rare occaision that it does rain substantially during the tour, to make it as comfortable as we can for the most people posible, we do a couple of things, one, if it starts to rain very hard and there is nearby shelter we will seek that out and tell some extra stories that we don’t normally tell because of time, and if it is still raining such that we don’t want to go back out in it when those stories have been exhausted, we will continue with our normal stories so you still get all the stories, history and folklore, if it slacks up we will resume the tour.
If you, our customer does not feel comfertable because of the rain before or during the tour, feel free to let your guide know you want to leave and call us at 865-661-1980 and we will be happy to reschedule you for a different day of your choice.
You also have the option of scheduling a private van tour for 4-6 people that is much more comfortable in in-climate weather.
Lastly, we now have available 10 mil thick re-usable hooded ponchos that are much thicker, won’t tear as easily as those “cheap” disposable ponchos out there. We have these available to you at our cost of 5.00 each tax included. And If you suspect rain is possible, You certainly can bring umbrella’s!
Another question that is often asked,
“Is this age appropriate for my child?” Our answer is that you know your children much better than anyone so if your 8 year old really likes those ghost hunting shows on TV and your ok with that than yes they will have a ball, but if your 10 year old is a sensitive child that frightens easily, than this probably is not the best tour for them.
We try very hard not to “paint with a broad brush” and give age restrictions because thats your job (parent) not ours and we want those children that would enjoy this experience to have that fun!
Please consider your children and others on the tour when deciding if this is appropriate for your children.
What is your refund policy? Customers may receive a full refund if the tour is cancelled any time up to 24 hours before the start of the tour, within that 24 hour window, unfortunately,  there are no refunds but we will be happy to reschedule you to a different night or a future trip to Gatlinburg at no additional charge to you.
What nights do you do the tour? We do the tour 7 days a week with some exceptions, If the tour has not reached the minimum number of people (4) we reserve the right to cancel the tour that night. If we deem the weather to be unsafe, we may also cancel a tour or for other reasons that are beyond our control.
What are your tour times? From March 1st to October 31st, the tour starts at 9:00 pm and ends about 11:00pm. From November 1st to February 28th it starts at 7:00pm and ends about 9:00pm. We ask that you arrive 30 minutes before tour starts to check in.
Are there other tours? Yes! we have a private van tour for 4-6 people that starts at 8:00pm during the summer schedule and 7:00pm in January and February. again, please arrive 30 minutes before tour to check in, This perfect for those that can’t walk the mile that the walking tour covers or when there is bad or cold weather. We also do special event tours that will be announced on our web site and facebook page when they are available.
Do tours change or are they the same every year? Yes the tour does change both from guide to guide and from year to year. We are constantly trying to improve and make the tour better by bringing in new components to it and or guides put in there own unique spin on there tour, for example we have one guide that sings between stops and encourages you to join her!